Six monthly evenings for further in depth study

These evenings are a follow-up to the winter course and an opportunity to continue developing your consciousness about working and living dynamically. Small groups, six people on average, will meet once a month. Our inspiration will be the life processes in the garden.

We’ll practice observing the sun as it travels through the zodiac in its rhythm. We’ll learn to observe crops in their metamorphoses. This way you’ll learn to recognize the action of the elemental beings, the nature spirits.

The focus on working at the right time will continue. You’ll learn to follow the positions of the sun, moon and planets. Gaining insights into these phenomena and learning to act on your observations is not an easy task; it requires discipline, practice and patience.

Duration: Six evenings starting in April, once a month, through September.
Time: to be arranged as a group.
Place: Haarlem, in Carmencita de Ruiter’s garden.
Address: Volkstuinvereniging Het Levende Land, Zuid Schalkwijkerweg 7b, 2034 JD Schalkwijk.
Cost: € 90, not including refreshments.
To register: Contact Carmencita, once you have finished the basic course.
Tel.: 0031-23-5277953, e-mail: