Working with the constellations

A one-day course on how to work with the constellations. This means thoroughly learning ‘the language of the hierarchies of the angels’ and what They present to us through the signs and symbols of the planets and stars. These are all listed in the agenda Het juiste moment.

How can you learn to read the signs in the agenda? What is a favourable or unfavourable time to do something in the garden? Are there alternative times if you are prevented from being there at the indicated time? How do you learn to live in harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos and work with the Spiritual Powers of the angels from the planetary spheres?

This day is an independent course, separate from the evenings listed above, and is for anyone who is already working dynamically or wants to do so.

Dates: Dates will follow soon
Time: 10.00-16.00.
Place: Volkstuinvereniging het levende land, Zuid Schalkwijkerweg 7b, 2034 JD Haarlem.
Cost: € 50 per person, including soup and herbal tea; please bring your own sandwiches and/or fruit.
To register: Telephone Carmencita (0031-23-5277953) or email: