Biodynamic practice in the new millennium

In the year 2000, humanity and all life on Earth entered a new age. In this new era, we will develop a higher consciousness, and from this consciousness help facilitate all  life processes on Earth.
Since 1933, the Cosmic Forces, the hierarchies of angels from the planetary spheres of our solar system, have withdrawn further and further. We ourselves have also inadvertently been helping to separate the Earth and cosmos.
Since the 1950s developments have taken place which have tremendous implications for all life on Earth.
Mechanisation, technology, computers and the seductions of materialism and egoism have positioned themselves between the individual and its higher spiritual guidance.
Without our knowing it, we have created three dark layers around the Earth, and this darkness is increasing every day.

The first of these layers is the CO2 layer, which has already permeated the protective ozone layer around the Earth. The second is electrosmog, also known as electromagnetic radiation, which is progressively weakening the life forces on Earth. The third layer is composed of our own ‘emissions’, in the form of our impure, negative thoughts and all the hurtful words we utter unthinkingly. Every day, we create dark spirits in the world ether who block our spiritual connection with the cosmos.

Over the past century, the original elemental beings from the time of the Father God, and the other orders of nature spirits who have always worked on Earth, have been called back by the spiritual worlds. This withdrawal is not definite, nor irreversible. We can counterbalance this separation by intentionally choosing paths that take us to a higher consciousness: Christ consciousness.

In the near future, humankind will be the intermediary between the Superiors of creation, the angels led by the Christ, and the new order of nature spirits. This is the call from the spiritual worlds going out to every one of us, to enable Them to take up their tasks again, through our higher form of consciousness.
Without consciousness, no further development can take place!

The classes we teach, as well as our lectures and guided tours, emphasise finding ways to train your higher abilities to break through the energetic darkness and make openings to the cosmos. It is certainly not an easy path, but one that can give you insight into your tasks here on Earth, and helps you to further personal development.